Every dog has his day. Even the Loser.

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One of the best things that can be said about the Loser is he's not cheap. Unlike most Ordinary Joes who can afford only one camera, the Loser works with at least three, maybe four. So he's a well-financed loser. Good thing, too, because among our video editor's notes regarding the raw footage of this video included these gems: "Blow job. We don't see much at first as he is soft." "Blow job. All we get to see is her back." "Cum shot on the face but he blocks most of the shot. We only see her chin being cum on." So, quantity makes up for lack of quality, and when you add it all up, the Loser's videos are jackable. Especially when the babe being fucked is Adriana, a tiny blonde (just 98 pounds) from Phoenix, Arizona. In all fairness, the Loser does some good things in this scene, like keeping the camera steady during the pre-fuck interview (something he almost never does) and giving us some nice looks at her fine ass clad in tight jeans. But losers will be losers, and the Loser is a loser. A smooth talker he's not. The guy seems to have no idea what to ask Adriana during the interview, stumbling over his words. Then, when she's chowing down on his hard-on, what happens? Dogs start barking in the background. And what the hell is he trying to shoot when she's riding him reverse-cowgirl and he has the camera high up in the air, pointed down? There are plenty of good moments, though, most of them provided by sexy, slutty Adriana who moans, "Oh, baby, it feels so good. Fuck me! Fuck me!" as her tight little pussy gets plowed. A compliment for the Loser? Or is Adriana simply being nice?