Nadia Mia Big Tit Energy

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Nadia Mia goes wild when she's got a dick or a dildo stuffing her pussy. She's a dancer from California and is highly orgasmic when she's fucking or masturbating. Nadia said her body is very sensitive, and getting touched all over excites her most of all. "I like to feel a man's hands rubbing and massaging my tits, my ass, my legs, my back and my feet. I go crazy. I love to be spanked, and I enjoy it when a man rubs his cock all over me." Nadia says she's a sexually passive girl, but the way she fucks her partners in her SCORELAND videos is anything but passive. A loud screamer, she rides them hard and fast, slamming her ass on their hips when she's on top and grinding when she's on her back getting pounded.