Bobbi Shay celebrates her 58th birthday by fucking you

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Canadian MILF Bobbi Shay celebrates her 58th birthday by having sex. And whose cock is she sucking and fucking? Yours! Most of this scene (but not all of it because we didn't want to limit he angles) is shot from your point of view. Watch this divorcee/mom sucking your dick. Watch her twerking on your cock. Shoot your load in her mouth. "I want your cum," she said. And she gets it. 50Plus MILFs: What kinds of guys do you like? Bobbi: I like polite, respectful, intelligent guys of any ethnicity with a sense of humor who are playful, generous, positive and optimistic. I especially like confident, successful, submissive guys. 50Plus MILFs: What would be your perfect day? Bobbi: Touring the art and architecture of Florence, Italy, doing some shopping, then getting dressed up to have dinner at a MICHELIN-star restaurant in Montepulciano. Oh, you mean at home? Then a nice stroll on the beach, maybe visit the local humane society to play with the animals, then dinner and a movie. 50Plus MILFs: How do you like to dress? Bobbi: I'm typically dressed in casual-elegant style with a bit of an artsy flair. I love fashion and art. I like my body and I love how clothes fit me. If I was taller, I'd want to be a fashion model. 50Plus MILFs: Do you like to be watched while having sex? Bobbi: Absolutely! I love knowing I'm turning you on as much as I'm turned on! I love the idea of someone lurking in the shadows wanking while watching me fucking someone else, that longing, that desire to be part of it, but getting off privately.