Victoria Zdrok Will Fuck Sons Coach For Playing Time

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Victoria Zdrok has a problem. Her son loves soccer, but he sucks at it. Her coach says he does. So, Victoria does what any loving mother would do: She sucks and fucks her son's soccer coach. Because while her son might suck at soccer, Victoria does not suck at sucking cock. Victoria, who's 50 years old and has big tits, enjoys it so much, you'll be left wondering if she fucked Coach for herself or for her son. Or maybe she did it for both of them. Victoria is a divorced mother of three who, back in the 1990s and 2000s, was one of the most-famous nude glamour models in the world. After a long break, she got back into action, and now she's having sex on-camera. Sexual fantasies: "I fantasize about Roman times a lot, being an emperor's favorite concubine and playing with other concubines in his harem. I loved the movie Caligula. Shows what a nerd I am!" How often she has sex: "Every day if possible. Sex is stress relief for me!" Does she like to be watched? "Yes. I am a bit of an exhibitionist. I particularly love sex on-camera under hot lights. I love knowing that men around the world are getting turned on watching me." Is she sexually passive or aggressive? "I am assertive and impatient. I don't like to waste a good hard-on. I once asked my ex-boyfriend why he never initiates, and he said, 'You never give me a chance!"